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INPI has established basic standards for the registration of contracts through Laws and Normative Acts, which regulate entrepreneurial organizations in general. Technology assignment and trademark or patent licensing shall be formalized through contracts duly registered with the Brazilian INPI in order to offer necessary legal effects in relation to third parties. This procedure will also legitimate legal financial operations such as remittance of payments and the corresponding fiscal deduction for companies involved in the process. The main kinds of contracts that can be recorded are:
- Technical and Scientific Assistance Contract – related to the acquisition of technical information, planning or programming, studies or projects in general for provision or execution special services.
- Patent Exploitation (EP) – for licensing of a patent application or a granted patent.
- Use of a Trademark – for licensing of a trademark application or a granted trademark Registration.
- Technology Transfer – for acquisition of non-patentable techniques and/or know-how for production of services, industrial or commercial products.
- Franchising – for license of trademark use, augmented with the additional right of providing specific services or technical assistance, with transfer of total or partial business related information.